The Beautiful Figures of Teil Duncan

The colours! The compositions! I have no words… just love. If you happen to be in Charleston in April, Teil Duncan is having a show, which I would highly recommend checking out. For those of us who aren’t that lucky, find her online here. Thanks for... Read more

Let's Forget Winter

It’s always around this time of year that I get a bit itchy for outside time that doesn’t involve freezing my face off. In lieu of actually warm weather, I find solace in looking at growing things online, and was especially delighted by this guy who replaced his front lawn with a veggie... Read more

Farewell to Summer

This seemed like an appropriate send off to summer. I especially enjoy the footsicle. From the talented Mateo Cabeza. Watch the video below. Thanks for... Read more

How I Got Here

I really like stories that involve a good plot twist.¬†Often we have these in real life– you’re headed down some kind of predictable path, then wham! You’re off in a different direction.¬†This is what happened with my career. Let’s go back to my university days for a moment.... Read more

271 Years Before Pantone...

Over three centuries ago, a Dutch artist, A. Boogert, created an 800 page tome illustrating the uses and variety of watercolours. The book begins with using watercolours in paintings then goes on to document the changes in tone and hue with the addition of water and the mixing of colours. The... Read more

Well, Hello There!

Hi! Welcome to Sweet Side’s online home. We’re delighted you’ve stopped by! On our blog, we’ll talk about design, DIY and other interesting tidbits that come up. We’ll try to update often so be sure to check back soon! Thanks for... Read more